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By purchasing this product and the accompanying material you have agreed to the following disclaimer and its terms and conditions which apply to all information, material and ebooks on or available from this site. 

The publisher of these ebooks and accompanying materials has taken the best efforts in its preparation and presentation.  The publisher makes no representation of warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness or completeness of this work.  The publisher disclaims any warranties (expressed or implied) regarding this product or its fitness for any purpose.  The publisher will in no event be held liable or responsible for any loss or damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.  The reader alone is responsible for his or her actions or inactions and any loss, damage, misadventure or any other negative consequences that may befall any person or animal as a direct or indirect result of actions taken or not taken after reading this material are the responsibility and liability of the reader. The views, opinions and methods espoused in these books are not those of the publisher but those of the authors alone.

Horses are powerful and potentially dangerous animals and the publisher does not suggest or advise that any reader can or should go out and attempt to tame and or train a wild horse if the only knowledge or experience they have of such things is the information in these books.  These books are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and it is expected that readers will take into account their own levels of experience and ability and exercise both caution and common sense before even contemplating approaching a wild animal.

The publisher makes no claims as to any abilities the reader will gain just from reading the published material.  Theoretical knowledge and its practical application are two very different things and persons abilities vary enormously and are affected by many other variables including natural talent, physicality and personal experience.

The publisher also makes no claims whatsoever to provide any cure or cures or provide any recipe that will affect any cure or cures for any disease or condition either equine or human.  The remedies and recipes included in the publication are also for informational and entertainment purposes only.  They have been included for the sake of posterity and in order to preserve the integrity of the original work.  Any reference to a cure or cures by the author has been left intact only in order to preserve the integrity of the original work. The remedies and recipes have also been published in their original format and without any conversion of measurements for the sake of posterity and in order to preserve the integrity of the original work.

Veterinary science has progressed significantly since this book was written and it is vitally important that the reader note that some of the ingredients in the authorís recipes are now known or suspected to be carcinogenic or extremely toxic and thus potentially very dangerous to both human and animal.  If your animal is sick or diseased you should seek the advice of an appropriately qualified professional.

To reiterate: the reader alone is singularly responsible and liable for the results of any action or inaction taken on the basis of the contents of these books.  The publisher disclaims any and all liability for any loss, damages or negative consequences that may be said to arise (directly or indirectly) from the use of the material presented within.  These books are provided ďas isĒ and are for informational and entertainment purposes only.

In using this website and or purchasing this ebooks and the ebooks bundled with it you are agreeing to all of the above. 

If you do not agree then please do not proceed with the purchase and please do not use this website.


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